Thursday, January 15, 2009

From Grandma's camera

Grandma and BeBob (Joe's awesome parents) are here. I stole their camera and downloaded some pics that I love! Here are a few recent family photos of the Knoxville bunch...

Rob (Joe's older brother), Thomas & Katrina
Murphy & Catherine

Calvin, Katrina & Nathan

Grandma and Catherine

BeBob & Catherine

Does it get any sweeter than this?

Thomas making a big splash in Grandma's jacuzzi

Joe & Catherine

Grandma and Thomas doing "Boom, Boom" aka: knuckles.

BeBob & Catherine

Joe & Thomas playing with Joe's old, Thomas' new, blocks!

BeBob & Thomas

BeBob & Katrina

Joe & Kitty (Joe's paternal grandmother, 98-years-old)

Bob & Julia

BeBob made these little bird this year for Christmas! They are darling. Don't mind the little "plops" behind the birds. I think its Juice Plus. It definately adds to the effect in making them more life-like.

Grandma and Catherine

Joe and his parents went to pick Thomas up from school today. Thomas was soooo excited!

Thomas' best friend from class, George!



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