Thursday, January 8, 2009

Dear Lord, Please bail us out of here soon!

I almost thought it was a joke when I first heard about it, but, it isn't. Well, it sort of is. I'm sure that Flynt is making an example of how the bailing out of every other company is ridiculous. One has to admit, considering his line of work, it certainly gets an immediate reaction. Which is the point.


“We should be delivering [the request] by the end of today to our congressmen and [Secretary of the Treasury Henry] Paulson asking for this $5 billion dollar bailout,” he told CNN Wednesday.
Flynt and Francis concede the industry itself is in no financial danger — DVD sales have slipped over the past year, but Web traffic has continued to grow.
But the industry leaders said the issue is a nation in need. "People are too depressed to be sexually active," Flynt said in the statement. "This is very unhealthy as a nation. Americans can do without cars and such but they cannot do without sex."
"With all this economic misery and people losing all that money, sex is the farthest thing from their mind. It's time for congress to rejuvenate the sexual appetite of America. The only way they can do this is by supporting the adult industry and doing it quickly."

If only for this life we have hope in Christ,we are to be pitied more than all men.

-I Corinthians 15:19



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