Saturday, July 11, 2009

TWBA: Free time

This week's blog assignment at The Dressing Room was to write about what you do when you have free time away from the kids.

Thomas woke up at 5am and my early bird husband Joe took him to an open field in the front of our neighborhood that has a big pond to do some guy stuff... who knows? Thomas likes to just be with his daddy so they had a lot of fun. When Catherine woke up, I packed up some bagels with cream cheese and juices/ coffee to meet them out for a morning treat.

We all went to the big fountain in the front of our neighborhood until Thomas pitched a fit because we wouldn't allow him to throw mulch in there.

So, we decided to drive a few miles out to look at a neighborhood that we had considered building in a while back. The houses were amazing, but HUGE!! One that we went in had 6 bedrooms, a bonus room, a media room, an extra smaller bonus room, a fireplace in the master, etc... I could go on and on. Who would want to clean all of that?

I did have my camera so I took some pics:

Here is the house we went in:

Here is the master bedroom:

Here is the kicthen. It's got that French Country style to it.

Then we looked at some other houses in the neighborhood...

What an amazing covered patio!

I love this front door:

My parents kept the babies from noon until bedtime today so here was our "free time without kids" experience.

We stopped by La Siesta on the way home for lunch after dropping the kids off.

Took a long, amazing nap and had a really amazing snuggle time!! The weather was overcast and it was perfect for sleeping.

We woke up and went shopping. We always go shopping and I don't know why. Usually we find ourselves at Lowes, but today, we went to Target. Look at all of Catherine's new shoes!!

We may have gone a little overboard, but they were all on sale (except the brown ones on the top row in the middle.)

We found this shirt for Thomas. I think it is Linus from Charlie Brown, but we couldn't pass it up since it has a built in blanket, aka: ba-bah.

Then, Joe ran in Lowes for some sort of nail.

Then, we had a very romantic dinner at the Macaroni Grill. We got our dessert (tiramisu) to go.

Going to go enjoy dessert....



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