Friday, July 24, 2009

Florida: Mommy & Thomas

Ready for take off!!!!

Thomas wanted me to hold his hand at first...

Dora the Explorer on his new DVD player helped pass the time on the plane.

The big boy on the airplane:

He got his wings!

Thomas was happy & mommy was happy. We sailed through the airport!

The condo: (a small portion of the 2,500 sq. ft)

First things first... toys and coloring books!

Then, we took the boys outside to play. The weather was so PERFECT!

Sunrise from our balcony!

The first morning we were there, Thomas and I took an early-morning walk down to the ocean. He refused to come down the steps until I picked him up and carried him. How overwhelming the huge ocean must be to a toddler seeing it for the first time!

Thomas & I were getting ready to go down the water slide!

He really didn't like it too much.

But Tyler loved it!

Toys galore!!

We ate dinner at Mezzeluna Pizzaria! The kids got pizza dough to play with while our pizza was being made! The boys were on their best behavior- and Thomas drank his first sprite... and his second.

Thomas & Tyler share a BIG hug!!

we finished the morning with some outside play time before leaving for the airport!



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