Friday, June 5, 2009

what wishful thinking got me

A busy day was planned, but I was ready for the challenge. Playdate at the park at 11:15 and friends over for dinner. Plus, a much needed trip to Sam's Club.

I guess it would only be fair to start the story last night since that was when Thomas and Catherine both ate their weight in watermelon. Thomas begged for more and I kept loading his plate down with it. BIG MISTAKE.

Since Joe and I both woke up before the kids- before 6am, we had showers and got ready together. I grabbed a cute outfit and was able to use the blow-dryer on my hair to make it look nice, put make up on, etc.... Then Thomas woke up.

We started the morning with two Mt. Vesuvius blow-outs. Not back to back, but spread out enough to catch me off guard. With the second one, there was no way around a bath. He squeeled with excitement and woke Catherine up from her nap, I grabbed Catherine and tore her clothes off so she could get in the bath with Thomas- not noticing that she, too, had her own mini Mt. Vesuvius. So there was poop on my cute outfit, Thomas' blanket, and a towel. No biggie... laundry is my life!

My mom dropped by while the kids were in the bath so I could run to Sam's Club. She took over, I went and came back super fast in time to pack lunches for us all and get to the park for our playdate only 10 minutes late.

Since Catherine can't walk well yet, and I refuse to use a stroller since Thomas likes to "push it" aka: ram it into anything in it's path and then hang on the handlebar, screaming at the top of his lungs, when I try to correct him. So, I carried Catherine and Thomas whined pretty at least half of the time for me to hold him, too! Please. I know, to him I must look like Superwoman, but my powers are limited, dear child.

By the way, we met George and Charlie (Thomas' best buds) at the park and I will have to post more pictures later since Thomas has brought me the following since I have started typing this blog:

2 drawings that he colored
1 maraca
a paperclip
a candle
an empty cd case.....

(45 minutes later...)

OK, I'm back.

Then, after we got back from the park, I just KNEW for sure they would take good naps. Catherine went down with no problems. Thomas went down and was jumping in his crib laughing and squeeling within minutes. I went in, layed him back down... he started jumping again. I went back in, rubbed his back. He cried. I sighed. I went back out, he stood up and started jumping and screaming again. I took him into my bed. He dug his little toddler toes into me. I asked him if he wanted to watch a movie. He said yes. Blue's Clue's didn't do it for him... he only had an interest in sitting on my head. We got up. I layed him down on a pallet that he likes to rest on in the den. He layed there just long enough for me to doze off on the couch and he rams we straight in the face- full force. He wants on the couch with me. So I let him up. Again, those dredded toddler toes dug in me and he squirmed until he got bored and wanted to sit on my head.

Then Catherine woke up.

My house is a disaster area and we are having friends over tonight.




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