Friday, June 19, 2009

Flour Power

I found this game last year but I think its roots go much farther back because I have heard people say that they played it as a child. It's kind of a low-tech version of Break the Ice.

Get a tall plastic container (one of those 1 quart freezer containers works well) and pack it full of all-purpose flour. Press the flour into the container so that it's really blocked in there then put an plate over the top before inverting things and unmolding the flour tower.

Lay a large button on top of the flour tower then take turns slicing away at the tower with butter knives to see who will be the first person to make the button fall from the top. Though I couldn't find much on rules, I found one very fun suggestion that the person who drops the button has to pull it out of the pile of flour using only their teeth. Hmmmm . . .

With teeth or without it's a fun game and easy to play over and over.



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