Saturday, June 20, 2009

RC & Moonpie Festival

Only in the deep south can you find an RC Cola and Moonpie Festival! I'm proud to say that it isn't held very close to where we live, but a good 30 minutes away in the sticks.

We did get a little bit lost on the way there and the sweet babies were so patient for the long drive. We forgot to pack Catherine a bottle and she improvised, sucking her shoe, even though she usually prefers her big toe.

Thomas did pretty well, too. We did have to pull our "trump card" and hand over the Gerber gummy treats only 10 short minutes from our destination.

There were cloggers, a 10- mile-run, and loads of craft booths.

We accidentally ran into this balloon artist. Well, ummm, you could hardly call this lady an artist though. This masterpiece was $2.

And what in the world is so hard about twisting a balloon? I thought she was going to pop a blood vessel in her face- or poop in her pants?? What an expression!

And I learned that there is no limit to what can be fried...

Seriously, I can't make this up, folks!

We were looking for the grilled corn cobs, but found this instead:

It was a wonderful, HOT HOT HOT day!!



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