Friday, June 19, 2009

Martha Stewart does not live here

Those who have known me for any legnth of time know that I am no June Cleaver. I do have high heels and a few nice dresses, but I only wear them to weddings, if then. I can't keep up with laundry, Joe has put himself on dish duty (thanks, Honey!), and the rest of the house gets a lick and a promise, unless people are coming to visit. Then the marathon begins. (Everyone is welcome to come visit, but we need 48 hours notice. Thanks muchly.)

Generally, if I have an hour or so of free time, I'm napping, cooking or working on a creative project. I subscribe to the Busy Mother of Two in Diapers School of Thought on Dusting - "If God put that dust there, who am I to move it?"

At any rate, I have some questions. I'm pretty sure I have enough readers that several of you could answer any one of these, and probably some of you can answer all of them.

1. How do you wash pillows without making them all lumpy?

2. How do you stay caught up on laundry when your kids can't be left alone for any legnth of time- at all- ever. So, my cleaning day really starts after 7, after bedtime, after dinner, after clean-up, after I'm too exhausted to hold my eyes open any longer.

3. How many times a day do you pick up the same tornado aftermath of toys?

4. How do you dust fake plants?

5. What is the best carpet stain remover?

That's all I have for tonight. It's 8:30 and my eyes are heavy.



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