Tuesday, November 22, 2011

What adoption ALSO does....

Dear Dr. & Mrs. Scott, 

I feel led to share with you on the insight I had through your adoption of little Matthew. Sigh, I am all ready to release tears again ! I want to start out by saying I thank God for people like you two. I was quickly drawn to look through the window [ your blog]  of your sweet precious & humble family special moments through an awesome & exciting season in life. My heart has been blessed so much that my cup has been overflowing ! I asked my self several times " What is so different about this adoption ? " I was eager to read each & every blog you posted . I must share with you that there has been many things that stood out but the main one was when Joe posted that the residents of China was looking upon little Matthew and appeared to yall that they were saying "He is very handsome..too bad his arm is missing . " That right there angered me & made me very sad !!  Before arriving to the airport I had a hard time containing my emotions . Or should I say through this whole adoption from day one til now lol.Make a long story short, when I left the airport I had to call one of the ladies from church & told her as I cried lol that how God was working through y'all  and my heart was so blessed that my cup was over flowing ! At church on Sunday I updated them  on the adoption and how God has really moved through all of this . I also shared a little bit about them judging  people like little Matthew and that I knew God has made us all to be useful to him in different ways no matter what you looked like ! It sadden me very much the way they & other countries believe ! Like I told the church,there is only one God ! Ok, I am trying to preach lol  I recently had asked God to make me more sensitive for the Lost and wow,has he ??  All I could think was  how many people  were gonna die and go to Hell for worshiping something empty ,instead of GOD & for many other reasons such as hurting precious children ! After church I sat down beside the lady I had called on Saturday night to talk with her more the way I was feeling .She asked me " Are you ok Barbara  ? " Of course I told her no & that I needed her to pray with me."She asked me " Are you still having that high from yesterday ? " I told her yes but it was something more going on & I didn't understand what it was .She told me she thought that God is preparing me for something. Ok, fast forward to the conclusion.. As a child I was not given up for adoption but wished I was due to all of the physically & mentally torture I went through ! I dreamed of people adopting me like you two.Well I will get to the point lol I was told that I was ugly, stupid & would not be a good mother & would never find a man that would have me .Well as you can imagine,I dint know what love was ; even though I knew I didnt have a normal family. I was never told the words " I love you " Well I became saved while I was pregnant with my oldest/ son and thats when I then started to know what LOVE was. I was even ashamed to say I love you to my own son  in front of others ! Well Glory to be given to God he has helped me through so much  baggage over the 21 yrs of serving him.I still feel ugly at times but the Lord will help me the rest of the way ! But will tell you that I am no longer ashamed to say I LOVE YOU to anyone in public ! Well as you [ Sarah ] already know that God has given me 3 amazing kids & a amazing Godly husband & for that I am so greatfull! Anyways, I am just saying that I can relate to what forgotten , abused kids that are made in front of are feeling  ! Thanks for sharing your special moments with all of us .Please pray that God will give me his eyes again to see what he is preparing me for. May God continue blessing your sweet family of five :)


I went straight to my knees after reading this. Thank you Lord for what YOU are doing in the hearts of your children. Thank you for using my little broken self for kingdom purposes.  ~Sarah