Sunday, November 13, 2011

Guangzhou- first full day

Daddy's snuggles

We are loving our days here at the Garden Hotel in Guangzhou. Only now do I realize how awful Wuhan was... broken up sidewalks, poor air quality ( Joe had a nosebleed on day 1 there), extremely limited food options, sub par hotel, etc.

Guangzhou is tropical and wonderful! We are one of six adoptive families here from the U.S. With the same adoption Agency, Bay Area Adoption Services. 

We had the most incredible breakfast this morning at the hotel and went on a tour of the Temple of Six Banyan Trees.

There were many Buddhist visitors leaving offerings and lighting incense. Apparently, Buddha statues are quite fond of small oranges, water bottles and candies. My heart felt so sad for China as a whole, so lost with an empty religion. The government pays the Buddhist monks a monthly salary of around $167 USD. They also make a small amount from the donation boxes at the temple. Their largest portion of income comes directly from families who will essentially hire them for the purpose of of praying over them.

We went shopping at a local store and purchased a few really sweet Chinese outfits for the kids. We also bought a stamp that was hand-carved with Matthew's American and Chinese name on it.

Our hotel in Guangzhou

At the Buddhist Temple

Buddha offerings