Saturday, November 12, 2011

Matthew, Day Six

I feel tired but thankful for so many things.

We left our hotel at 12 noon and went to the Wuhan domestic airport and took a flight to Guangzhou. Matthew had his first experience on an airplane and actually did really well considering his ears were hurting him (he kept pointing to them) during takeoff and landing and he was exhausted from not taking a nap.

Our mouths dropped open at the sight of the hotel we're staying in... the Garden Hotel. It's enormous, it's professional, it's beautiful... easily the nicest place either Sarah or myself have ever stayed in. We had dinner at one of the five (five!) hotel restaurants in the main lobby (there are other ones on other floors), with ham and cheese sandwiches, french fries and the freshest fruit either of us have ever enjoyed. All in all, we like Guangzhou so far significantly more than Wuhan.

We're tying up a few loose ends and then going to bed. More tomorrow. G'nite!