Thursday, April 9, 2009

a long day- my breast lump and Murphy is gone....

About a week and a half ago. I bought a new top loader washing machine off of Craigslist and sold my front loader that I hated with a passion.
I drove 45 minutes to meet this guy and the sale went great. The two of us carried it down a flight of stairs and loaded it into the back of my van. Later that night, my husband and I moved our VERY HEAVY front loader out of the laundry room and brought the new/used one in. That night and the next day, my arms were soooo sore. My pectoralis muscles were so tender. I was laying in bed and just massaging them and the upper parts of my arms and neck. Then, I came across a lump. It is half-way between my nipple and armpit on my right side and the size of a grape. There is no way I would have noticed it had I not been sore from moving that washing machine. (Thank you, God!)

I let Joe feel it and he seemed a little bit concerned, but also thought it could be a fibrocystic mass oe possibly due to hormonal changes since I had a miscarriage last month. He recommended that I apply moist heat for a few days and lower my caffeine intake- so I did.

So, no change.

I went to see the doctor today (a general surgeon) who works at the breast clinic here. He immediately wanted to do an ultrasound. The ultrasound showed a small black mass and it looks like a tumor. He said that he did not want to do a punch biopsy, but wants to remove it. There is a possibility of cancer. I'm 30-years-old, my kids are 2 & 11-months AND I AM IN THE HANDS OF THE MOST HIGH GOD!

Surgery is scheduled for 9:30 on Friday, April 24th.

On a lighter note, but very sad....

Our sweet Murphy dog left this morning to go back to the breeder indefinately. He has suffered from terrible allergies over the past 7 months that we have had him. He has had skin infections, ear infections and vascular issues due to these allergies. He will be treated in Missouri and hopefully will be returned to us with some sort of treatment plan- probably allergy shots.

It was a sad morning--- putting him in his crate and sending him on the airplane. His plane doesn't land until 5pm so keep him in yoru prayers please!!