Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Rite Aid has swept me off of my feet

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I've been so impressed with the new Rite Aid on Old Fort Parkway! As everyone close to me knows, our family has been suffering from every upper respiratory virus under the sun in 2009. With a new year came a new deductable. However, I was able to actually MAKE MONEy at Rite Aid with each new prescription. Thomas and Catherine needed antibiotics 2 weeks ago for ear infections. I used these coupons and scored 2 $25 gift cards.... one for each $6 prescription of generic Amoxicillin.

Here's what makes Rite Aid EXTRA special... They have me, not one- but two, droppers per child. Catherine got pink and Thomas got blue. How thoughtful If they take the medicine twice a day, how nice is it to have a clean dropper for the second dose. How nice it was to tell the droppers apart.

Then the pharmacist called me a few days later to check on Thomas and Catherine. She said, "How are you holding up with two sick kids?" Was she serious? Um.... did she know I had not had any adult interaction in way too long and had been cooped up in the house way too long? She talked to me for several minutes and let me complain about how hard it was, my lack of sleep, etc. She made my day!

So, I go back yesterday to get a prescription of steroids for my cough that has gotten way out of control. I gag on at least every other cough now. It's terrible.
Anyways. I used another coupon for a gift card (I actually paid for my $6 steroid pack with my previous gift card so I made money, again!)

I had taken Murphy with me in the car and was sitting there thinking how much I love Rite Aid when the drawer in the drive thru opened with my prescription, receipt, and the cutest little dog biscuit right there on top. Ok, this was too much. A treat for Murphy, too? Rite Aid has swept me off of my feet.