Saturday, February 14, 2009

Feeling romantic...

So, I'm feeling romantic today! It's been a really wild week and I just love that today is Valentine's Day and I get to reminisce about all of the wonderful moments, secrets, adventures, etc... that Joe and I have shared.

I looked back at some older photos of us. Here we are...

1st house!


Wedding Rehersal


Dead Sea


We were baptized in the Jordan River, in Yardenit, holding hands.


Mt of Beattitudes (the place where Jesus gave his important sermon on the mountain (Mt 5, Lk 6:20)) Joe and I took communion there.


Sea of Galilee (It is the lowest sweet water lake in the world. The hills around the lake are even higher: 400-500M above the lake's level. This depression is part of the Syrian-African fault line, which includes the Dead Sea.)

On the Mediterranean in Tel Aviv

Hiking Mt. Leconte

Valentine's Day 2005

2004 New Year's Eve

This is the 1st time Joe brought me to Knoxville to see his parent's house.

Thank you, Joe, for making my life so wonderful!! I love being Mrs. Joe Scott!!