Monday, January 11, 2010

New Year 2010

We started off the New Year finishing up the sickies that have been passed around each and every member of the Scott household. The sickies ranged from sore throats to vomiting to pink eye to ear infections. We endured six sold weeks of it!! It was very reminiscent of the last New Year for sure.

We enjoyed Christmas Eve 2009 with the Dennis family in the rental house. It was really nice! We left early on Christmas morning for Knoxville to spend Christmas day with the Scotts. Poor Thomas was soooo sick! He started running a 104.5 fever while we were there and threw up every 6 hours or so. Poor baby!!

Santa brought Thomas a doctor's kit, Chutes and ladders, a remote-controlled car and an Aquadoodle!

Catherine got a new baby doll that came with a high chair, a pack n play, and a stroller!!