Saturday, January 30, 2010

Jackie's House

After we visited La Represa, we drove with Melanie and Daniel to visit Jackie's House, a place run by a lady and her husband who have been called by God to care for sexually and emotionally abused children born to prostitutes in the Dominican Republic. There aren't words to describe what we felt when we walked in to the facility and experienced the children firsthand. They greeted us warmly with hugs, then proceeded to sit in chairs and sing with great joy to the Lord Jesus. They sang many songs to us, with smiles on their faces and the peace of the Holy Spirit in their hearts, which was evident to us and to any who would come and visit them. At the end, a boy with cerebral palsy named Israel, 15 years old, who is wheelchair bound with very deformed legs, said a prayer for us that overwhelmed us with a sense of power and amazement. The Lord is truly present in this place, truly at work, and truly known by Jackie and her children. There is no other place we have ever been where we felt the power and presence of God so strongly and so completely.

Lyrics to Knees To The Earth, by Watermark :

Wonderful Savior
My heart belongs to Thee
I will remember always
The blood You shed for me
Wonderful Savior
My heart will know Your worth
So I will embrace You always
As I walk this earth

Be blessed, be loved, be lifted high
Be treasured here, be glorified
I owe my life to You oh Lord
Here I am

Beautiful Jesus
How may I bless Your heart?
Knees to the earth
I bow down to everything You are
Beautiful Jesus
You are my only worth
So I will embrace You always
As I walk this earth