Monday, September 21, 2009

coupons 9-21-09

I use Southern Savers site to find the deals.

You can find a load of information on her site, but the gist of it all is this:

1- Everything goes on sales OR is at it's best price at least once every 6-8 weeks. When it is, buy enough of it to last 6-8 weeks.

2- When it is at it's best price, use a manufacturer coupon AND a store coupon if possible.

* Publix is the best with Buy One, Get One deals! They also will let you use a manufacturers coupon, a Publix coupon & a competitor coupon all on the same item!

Here was my lists before hitting Rite Aid, CVS & Publix.

I hit Rite Aid 1st and loaded up on Huggies stuff.
Spent $21, Saved $26

Then, to CVS.
Spent $16.52, Saved $21.

I'm stocked up on meds for the winter season for the kiddos now and finally have some Right Guard for Joe- which I have been waiting at least a month to be at it's best price again. Zantac is for my dad- at $2 a pack instead of $10... couldn't pass it up!

Finally Publix.
Spent $62.14, Saved $45.72

I'm not feeling especially "proud" tonight, but I bought a lot of non-sale items we needed like organic milk & Keifer that rarely have coupons.