Saturday, March 24, 2012

Holy is the Lamb!

We have a nightly routine of playing the piano and singing worship songs. Catherine wanted to know why we "cry " Holy Holy Holy is the Lamb.

Why are we crying? What is the Lamb?  Oh my heart could burst!!! I love sitting hand-in-hand with my little ones and explaining the old way... before Jesus was sent as the perfect sacrifice, they often used lambs and other animals.

Thomas chimed in... They killed animals? What about Lucy? (our dog) Did they only kill mean animals?

They killed the best animals as a sacrifice for their sins. The took the best animal that was flawless as could be and killed it to pay for their sin.

I went on to explain more about the Lamb, perfect in every way! Catherine found it particularly interesting that the angels are gathered around the throne of Jesus singing "Holy Holy Holy is the Lord God Almighty... who was and is and is to come. I told her that we are worshiping with the angels around the throne when we sing Holy Holy Holy.

She asked if we could go back to the piano and sing it again. This time, with her sweet voice declaring our Savior's holiness in the most pure way a 3-year-old can.

Thank you, Jesus, for your perfect life, sacrificed for my imperfect life.