Friday, July 15, 2011

To my sweet Caki

Dear Precious Catherine,

Mommy loves you so incredibly much. I love your enthusiasm for life as soon as your eyes open each morning. I love that you wake up so sweet and snuggly. I love that you hug and kiss so freely and that that even at your young age, you have such sensitivity for others. You are a joy, Catherine. Your little tiny stature holds such a treasure of a person inside. Your little lips, so sweet. Your blue eyes, so beautiful. Your little fingers and the soft touch they give, unreal.

I love the way you throw your head back when you laugh. I love how you love Thomas. I love your silliness. I love rocking you to sleep and singing to you with my chin against your forehead. I can hear the sounds of you sucking your thumb and smell the sweet scent of my baby girl in your hair.

I am proud of you and I love being your mommy!