Friday, February 17, 2012

To Joe: I love you because....

~~~  You are the best laughing partner. I love getting silly with you.

~~~  I love watching you dance when you are excited and how you snap your fingers up above your head.

~~~  I love that you do dishes for me and apologize if you can't because you are running late for work. You amaze me!

~~~  You love your family passionately. You treasure us.

~~~  Your heart for orphans is a beautiful thing.

~~~  Your reputation is that you care deeply for others, have a heart for the Lord and you are honest. You make me a very proud wife.

~~~  You always go out of your way to spoil me and remind me that I am loved.

~~~  You encourage me to do what I am passionate about. It shows me that you love me for who I really am.

~~~  You are simple and so very unpretentious. People are drawn to you because you are real!

~~~  You change diapers!

~~~  You do bath time!

~~~  You trust my judgement.

~~~  You are the most considerate man I have ever met.

~~~  I can get out of bed and look my absolute worst ever...but you still tell me I'm beautiful. 

~~~  I love how deeply you care for your patients.

~~~  You make me absolutely melt when you kiss me.

~~~  You love my cookin'.

~~~  You so graciously put up with my never-ending honey-do's.

~~~  You pick up toys.

~~~  I love your teachable heart.

~~~  You are truly a man after God's own heart!