Sunday, December 5, 2010

sweet dreams

I just woke up from having the sweetest dream about Matthew. We were sitting in church and he was in my lap facing me with his head resting on my chest. I don't know if he was asleep or not but his sweet little body was totally relaxed while I rubbed his back. I felt so close to him. I took in the feeling of his heaviness on my lap... feeling so grounded and solid in this decision we have made. I felt like a mother, his mother. I felt love for him and felt his love for me. It calmed us both... like we were being embraced by God's tenderness. We were both being so still... confident in the plan He had to knit our hearts together so intimately. We were living it out. THIS was the power of God moving mountains, warming hearts, restoring brokenness, giving an orphan a family, molding a mother, welcoming a child and being mighty on His throne.