Saturday, October 23, 2010

Backyard camping

When I was about eight-years-old, my sisters and I came down with severe cases of the chicken pox that just happened to hit on the same week my dad had taken off work for our yearly Florida family vacation. Plan B ended up being an experience that my sisters and I will never forget. He built us a playhouse on stilts about four-feet off the ground. It had a door that locked with a heart-shaped window. The outside was brown and the inside was bright yellow. My dad allowed us to get sleeping bags and pillows and camp out in it that week. It was a precious memory that I will always treasure.

This fall, I was finally able to pay -it-forward with my own children. We set up camp in the Henkel's back yard- good church friends of ours who also have a boy and girl. What a sweet experience it was!!