Monday, November 30, 2009

The Bucket List

Joe and I really enjoyed The Bucket List movie a few nights ago. I think it should be a requirement for people who feel stagnate in their lives. Most people reach a point where they become complacent or feel hopelessness, and this movie inspires the thought that maybe there is a better life out there. Hopefully most will come to this realization before they are terminal, but if you're really honest with yourself, we are all terminal. Life starts to end the moment you are born. It is what you do between birth and death that makes all the difference. I think the choice of these two actors, Jack Nicholson & Morgan Freeman, was the best choice ever. They both have a quality to make you laugh one moment and cry the next.

As for Joe & I, we spent a considerable amount of time after the movie creating our own bucket list and I am so excited about it!!